Metropolitan Endeavors, Inc.

Distinctly Rebecca Stratton


Rebecca Stratton's consultation services are available by the hour, or priced on a per project basis.  Usually these entail the following:

  • A room-by-room review where the client is advised on the strengths and weaknesses of the space, and what could be done to address any shortcomings
  • Paint color consultations
  • Shopping for and placing art, rugs, accessories, and furniture to complete a room
  • Space planning (scaled drawings) of furniture layout utilizing existing items and incorporating new recommendations
  • The selection of furniture (which is usually purchased directly from the manufacturer at wholesale prices)
  • The specification of fabric and/or finishes of furniture for a room
  • The design of window treatments, and the fabric and trim selections for such
  • Coordinating with industry experts such as drapery work rooms, trim carpenters, upholsters, etc., to achieve the desired results at optimal quality
  • On-site visits throughout the construction process (for both residential and commercial clients) to ensure that the results of the building process yield an aesthetically pleasing result (i.e. that furniture will fit as expected, or lighting is well placed).
  • Coordination with builders, architects, and kitchen designers to ensure that the design is cohesive and to offer further creative input and oversight on the client's behalf
  • The specing out of tile, grout color, carpet, lighting selections, woodwork design, hardware (doorknobs and drawer pulls), bathroom fixtures, hardwood floors, wallpaper, decorative paint techniques (murals, etc.), door selections, etc.
  • Quite often, the selection of tableware, placemats, and linens can be arranged for clients as well

Recently, Stratton has been doing a lot of turn-key jobs such as:

  • A TOTAL installation of everything in one day.  In this circumstance, Rebecca has a team that assists with the installation.  When the team arrives at the room, or house, it is totally empty and by the time the team leaves, EVERYTHING is put into place.  This entails new furniture, rugs, lamps (with bulbs), new bedding (freshly laundered and on the beds), towels (laundered), soap dishes, etc., in place, art and mirrors hung, draperies installed, tables set, everything accessorized.  Done, done, done!  The room or house is transformed in one day!
Clients have requested turn-key jobs which include handling the move out and move in details and everything in between for primary and vacation homes, or as a gift to someone, or due to other special circumstances.  Many of the times, the houses have been out-of-state.  This is Rebecca's favorite kind of job.  The surprise element and the freedom to make quick decisions to pull a room together are a magical combination for the designer and greatly fuels her inspiration.