Metropolitan Endeavors, Inc.

Distinctly Rebecca Stratton


Code of Conduct

As a professional, I acknowledge and respect my ethical responsibilities to clients and myself.  I agree to conduct myself responsibly with the highest degree of integrity and accountability.  I will do no purposeful harm to myself or to those I partner with.

Ethical Standards

1.  I will exemplify and exercise integrity, honesty, and due diligence while carrying out obligations to myself and my clients.

2.  I recognize my limitations and will only provide services based on my current level of competence.  I will only offer professional information or advice that I am competent to assess.  I will never knowingly give confidential or misleading information, and will act quickly to correct erroneous communications for which I am responsible.

3.  My client's best interests are most important to me.  Before entering any client relationships I will be reasonably certain that I have the necessary competencies and resources for giving the kind of support that is needed to serve my client.

4.  At the beginning of any client relationship, I will communicate clearly the terms of our working agreement and clarify the expectations of both parties.

5.  I will not use confidential information gained as a result of professional activities for personal benefit, and will not represent conflicting or competing interests, real or perceived, without written consent of those involved.

6.  I will inform clients of conditions that may limit my effectiveness.

7.  I am accountable for the work I do.  I will admit to any mistakes and correct them promptly.

8.  I will keep sufficient records of my work and client relationships in general.  The physical records are my property.  The information in the records is the property of the client.  I will protect the confidentiality and proprietary information of all clients and will not release information contained in their records without the consent of the client, or by court order.  Confidentiality will be maintained with regard to the storage (physical and electronic) and disposal of records.  All records must be made available to the client at the client's request.

9.  I accept full responsibility for work that I perform.

10. I will not misuse the authority entrusted to me by clients.

11. I will not take advantage of the lack of knowledge or inexperience on the part of others.

12. I will serve as an effective representative of my clients when called upon to do so and will protect the interests of my clients at all times.

13. I will never misrepresent myself, my abilities, or my experience to anyone.

14. I shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of anyone in my professional community, or those with whom I do business.